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Dharma Coaching Package

IMG_5036Wow, you are ready to face your dharma and to step two feet into it! I am so excited – this is such an important initiation into your conscious evolutionary life!

I invite you into a highly personal one-on-one curriculum that arises from my very life experiences and has been applied to so many of my clients who now consciously and successfully live their dharma – two feet in! This Dharma Coaching Process is being held in real life (Gmunden, Austria) or on Skype; in English or German.

This Dharma Coaching Processhuna_grafik_neu

… is a balanced blending of yin and yang methods,
… involves both your conscious mind and your subconsciousness,
… opens your rational mind and your intuition,
… leads you to a deeper understanding of your red thread,
… awakens your unique way of expressing your inside,
… shifts your perspective of life experiences.

It is my honor to guide you along an inspired path that enables you to blossom into your dharma. Working with me, you will…weisse_lilie

… bring in the harvest of your life so far,
… become aware of your (maybe hidden) dreams, longings, and wishes,
… find your dharma gems, i.e. your most precious elements in life,
… formulate your dharma in a single sentence,
… say YES to your dharma.

Read English TestimonialsRead German Testimonials

The Dharma Coaching Package includes:blau_violett_fuenf_stern_blume

  • discovery session à 45 min to set the cornerstone for the process,
  • 5 sessions à 90 min leading you through a thorough process of self-finding and consciously bringing your dharma into verbal formulation,
  • written instructions for each step of the process (pdf),
  • worksheets for several steps of the process (pdf).

During the sessions we explore how to take each step of the process by focusing on your precise life experiences. You receive theoretical input that you apply immediately to your personal life and your inner world – thus gaining more and more clarity on yourself and your dharma. In-between the sessions you deepen these explorations on your own, supported by the on-the-job-training during the sessions and by the written instructions.

Over the years I have gathered so many inspiring resources around dharma and issues that often arise during the Dharma Coaching Process. As we walk along this path together, I share with you…

… recommendations of books and movies (*) related to arising topics,
… inspiring online resources related to arising topics,
… my notes of our session (jpg) if applicable.

(*) If you decide to work with me in real life, you can borrow them from me.

flieder_detail_klein_AusschnittDuring the Dharma Coaching Process you may experience the following desired side effects:

  • You celebrate reconciliation with the story line of your life.
  • You get an overall concept for re-orientation in your job / business.
  • You become aware of your deepest values.
  • You understand that you live your dharma in every single moment and that you just can’t stop living your dharma.
  • You feel how intimate your dharma is and how easy it is overlooked.
  • You realize that you have no chance of losing your red thread.
  • You blossom into your dharma.
  • You find the meaning of your life – even when the story line of your life seems to be non-linear.
  • You strengthen your inner leadership.

Read English Testimonials – Read German Testimonials


All these services and offerings are powerful tools to support you to fully face your dharma and step two feet in. I hold a safe space for your exploration and celebrate your unique beauty and gifts. The process is as deep as you commit yourself to dive into it:

  • taking full responsibility for your personal exploration and its results,
  • showing up at our appointments with the fruits of your exploration,
  • creating a quiet environment for our sessions (when on Skype),
  • investing 500 to 1000 € for the comprehensive Dharma Coaching Package according to your self-assessment.

Book your Dharma Coaching Package by emailing me and I will provide you with all necessary information (Skype name, financial transfer, session date options, written instruction for the first step of the Dharma Coaching Process, …).

Do you have open questions? Email me to arrange a noncommittal discovery session à 30 min on Skype where I am happy to answer your questions.

rosa_rose_mit_regentropfen_kleinSometimes extra support is needed or beneficial during or after the Dharma Coaching Process. For these cases you can choose from the following upgrade options:

  • dissolving blockages hindering you from fully stepping into your dharma,
  • creating an authentic Mission Statement in alignment with your dharma – a powerful base for effective marketing in your own business,
  • taking decisions in alignment with your dharma.

Email me to get more information.


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