This is what coachees say about their dharma coaching sessions with Uli:

Uli is a pioneering feminine leader. I have found her to be a woman who truly lives her dharma.  She offers a skill of deep enquiry into the very essence of your unique dharma. She is a wise guide who has the capacity to facilitate very deep openings and clarity. She is able to dive with you into the murky waters of the unconscious, bringing threads together that begin manifest into the vibrant tapestry of your unique dharma.  She was able to support me to truly find clarity to my unique gifts and why and how I may share this into the world.  This clarity has created a space for a deep focus to what my deeper essence is expressing and to stay truly committed to this.  I am very grateful, thank you Uli.
Natalie Brooks – www.feminineawakening.co.uk


In all that processing at the moment I´ve learned that I don´t have to do and to know it alone. I had such a precious coaching with Uli today. I am so deeply touched by it! It was an inner parts party where all my aspects got the stage to be seen and heard and appreciated… hearing them, feeling them was like falling in love with all these inner voices of wisdom and their only intention taking care of me on my dharma path…
Udesha Kubesch – http://www.spiritofyoga.at


Uli to me is embodied devotion to dharma. She has been like the riverbanks, as we were moving through the coaching process. Without those riverbanks, I would have lost myself. The riverbanks allowed the process to flow deeply while staying connected to myself.
Antonella M.


As human beings we strive to find meaning to our existence, a role to play in our social environment, or simply a path to conduct our life on. Some people are blessed with an innate knowledge of an obvious path for their life; some people need to work a bit harder in order to find their path. Uli helped me to understand my path undertaken so far and make sense of it. Moreover, she made me aware that there is an individual path for everybody, a path according to one’s abilities; a path that once lived will lead to fulfilment. I have learned that finding and following this path is an individual responsibility and the resulting contribution to the creation is the only valid measure for success. It is necessary, however, to listen in order hear the call and perceive one’s vocation.
Peter W.

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