Body Prayer


My dear body
It took me more than 40 years to finally love you back
I still remember that moment in dance practice on Corfu
When my love for you swept like a wave
Through all of you for the first time

I admit that since then our relationship
Still wasn’t easy and a continous honeymoon
I fell into old patterns of controlling you
Judging you, fixing you, pushing you

Yesterday night lying in bed with you
I felt so completely peaceful and H.O.M.E. in you
No spiritual peak experience, no ecstatic bliss
More a silent and deep recognition of what is

Today I want to consciously set a mark:
I declare with all my heart (which is your heart)
I commit to be
a reliable loving caring respectful partner for you
as you are
a reliable loving loyal devotional partner for me
I deeply honor our life long relationship

May our relationship be a seed of peace in the world
May our relationship be a lighthouse of respect
For my daughter whom you carried inside you for 9 months
May our relationship be a happy living example
How to unhook from mainstream media brain washing
How to unhook from spiritual brain washing
On how a female body should look like and be like

My dear body
I am sorry for every single instance of oppression and hate
Please forgive me for not answering your innocent love
I thank you for your loyal patience all these years
I love you so much – just as you are

My dear body
I am here & you are OK. ❤ ❤ ❤


4 thoughts on “Body Prayer

  1. Dearest Uli,This is the first thing I read this morning and I melted profoundly as I read your sacred words. So beautiful is your prayer. So beautiful is the photo of you. So inspiring for me. I am going to print it now and carry it with me today, reading it often, holding the sacredness close. Holding you close.With deep gratitude and love, Martha

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    • Oh, dearest Martha, thank you – being close to you makes me so happy! ❤ ❤ Thank you so much for being part of my life – I melt into your vast heart! ❤ ❤ In deep sisterhood, Uli


  2. Dear Uli, happy beauty amongst the flowers, thank you for your lovely prayer!
    I speak with my body every day ~ greet the temple of my soul with words as well as with a smile ☺
    Some weeks ago I have been deeply hurt by repeated comments of a man, whom I was in love with,
    on the change of my body due to my menopause ~
    I still love the temple of my soul ~ as it looks like ~ and I am grateful for this present!
    May more and more girls and women unhook from brainwashing ~
    and love their bodies ~ and take lovely care for them ~ and hug themselves ~
    Many blessings *******
    (*) Brigid

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    • Dear Brigid, thank you for your sharing! ❤ How beautiful to read your daily practice. I hope that the hurtful comments didn't leave wounds. It's so good to feel you hip to hip in the unhooking! ❤ ❤ Together in this commitment, Uli


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